IQ Testing



IQ tests aren’t used for measuring how much you know. Rather, they’re used for measuring your learning capacity and learning speed. In that sense, you can use IQ tests to know more about yourself and how you fare among other people. Of course, others also use IQ tests as credentials for when they want to measure up in the academic ladder. If you have already taken an IQ test before, then you’re probably familiar with the traditional way of taking an IQ test, which is in a classroom setting. These days though, IQ tests are not anymore limited to papers and pencils. Now, IQ testing can be done online at the comfort of your own home. There are many reliable and accredited platforms that provide credible IQ testing with IQ Test Now at the top of the helm.


Why Take IQ Test? 

Now, there are a lot of people who are not comfortable with taking IQ tests because it will make them feel bad when they get a low score. Besides, intelligence can’t be measured by grades alone, right? While that is correct, IQ tests do not measure the overall intelligence though. What IQ measures is the learning capacity. That being said, there are a lot of benefits from knowing your own IQ. Here are a few of them:


·       It Measures How Fast You Can Solve Complex Problems


IQ tests will be able to show how fast you are able to tackle math problems, word problems, and so on. This is a practical way for you to know if you can analyze hard problems easily or if you need time to digest. It’s very important to note that not everyone solves problems the same way. If you know what your analytical skills are capable of, you will know what solving style is more suited for you.


·       It Determines Which Students Have Special Needs


There are some students who have special needs when it comes to instructing. The thing about these students is that they sometimes don’t even know it. For instance, students who have slight ADHD won’t be able to learn the same way as regular students because they won’t be able to concentrate at the same rate as their peers. The IQ test may actually determine which of these students need help. The general rule when it comes to determining students who need help is if they have an IQ score of lower than 70.


·       It Determines How Students Will Climb the Academic Ladder


Surely you’ve heard of some students who have skipped a grade because of being exceptional. An IQ test can determine which student can skip a grade. Most institutions believe that children with a higher level of learning capacity will be bored with the lessons that are below their level of learning. That’s why there are IQ tests to determine children who are above the levels of the peers of their age.


·       It Determines Which Area The Student Excels At


An IQ test is usually made up of various sections. There are the logical reasoning, math, spatial and linguistics section. While there are a few exceptional children who can score high at all sections, most students would excel at 1 or 2 of the sections. There are children who can score very high in linguistics but score poorly at math. There are also others who can score high in spatial but score poorly in logical reasoning. What this shows is which aspect the student is more inclined to excel in. With the test results, a student will actually be able to tell which field of work he or she can do well in when he or she grows up. For example, if he or she scores high in spatial activities, then maybe he or she can become an interior designer or architect. If the student scores high in language, then maybe he or she can become a writer. The results can help you know which path is best for you.